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Five of Joe Biden's collaborators also participate in his family's businesses

Despite distancing himself from family business, there are a number of the president's advisors who also work for his brother Jim and his son Hunter Biden.

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Several of Biden's closest men, some of them White House workers, also worked closely with other members of the Biden family. Specifically, five people trusted by the president also advise and collaborate closely with Hunter and Jim Biden, both suspected of illicit businesses abroad and influence peddling.

This information was revealed by POLITICO. The media outlet had access to emails from several of these workers who owe allegiance to the Biden family. From a doctor to a security expert, at least two of these five advisers to the president were involved in some way or another in Hunter's business dealings in China.

The trusted men of the Biden family are Eric Schwerin, Mez Monzack, Fran Person, Kevin O'Connor and Dale Pupillo.

The president's proxies

Through the investigation opened in the House of Representatives against the alleged irregularities of the Biden family in their businesses abroad, POLITICO was able to reveal this relationship. "Joe Biden shared an accountant with his son Hunter. He also shared a personal attorney with his brother Jim. And when Jim Biden wanted to know more about one of Hunter Biden's associates, he hired Joe Biden's former head of the Secret Service to investigate," says Ben Schreckinger from the media outlet.

These advisors are the main links between the Democratic president and his family members. Starting in 2019, two years before the last presidential election, Biden began cutting ties with his family and their international businesses. He was already in the vice presidency, however.

Dale Pupillo

The first profile presented by POLITICO is that of Dale Pupillo, who was the head of the Secret Service responsible for Joe Biden's security during his vice presidency. After retiring, Pupillo remained loyal to the Biden family and was involved in Hunter and Jim's businesses in China. In charge of these two, he was tasked with spying on a Chinese businessman with whom the Bidens did business, Patrick Ho, an executive at CEFC. House investigations have proven that there are substantial payments from CEFC, an energy company, to several of the Bidens' limited companies.

Ho was being investigated for bribery and was subsequently arrested and convicted in the United States. Republicans questioned whether Pupillo was hired to gather information about the investigation, which Jim Biden denied, saying it was for his own safety. He also said he believed that Pupillo did not use any special sources for the investigation.

Mel Monzack

According to POLITICO , Jim Biden has long leveraged his older brother Joe Biden's connections for business help, dating back to Joe's first term in the Senate. In 1975, the now-president's former law firm arranged an unsecured loan for Jim's nightclub business .

One of his partners, Mel Monzack, has since been Joe Biden's personal lawyer and even treasurer of his electoral campaign . His firm is in charge of CelticCapri , Joe Biden's limited company that declared $2.7 million in 2019. Monzack is also Jim Biden's personal lawyer, complicating controversies over Joe's involvement in the family businesses.

According to published information, in 2018 Monzack negotiated a deal for Jim's company to take a 35% stake in Americore, a hospital chain, although Jim eventually pulled out due to financial concerns. The president's brother denied any involvement of Joe in the deal, emphasizing Monzack's intricate and long-term role in both brothers' affairs.

Fran Person

Fran Person earned the trust of Joe and Jill Biden, so much so that these two consider him "like a son," as the first lady declared in 2014. He served as an advisor to Joe Biden and also regularly advised Hunter Biden on policy matters.

POLITICO had access to a good number of emails between Hunter and Person in which they frequently discussed both business and advice as well as private topics. Person was in charge of giving information to Hunter about his father's agenda.

After leaving the Administration in 2014, Person joined Harves Corporation, a Chinese real estate developer, and pursued business deals with Hunter. Emails revealed plans to develop SeaWorld parks in China with Harves and the China Development Bank. In 2017, WhatsApp messages showed Person discussing financial help for Hunter from Harves executive Bo Zhang, despite difficulties transferring large sums from China. Person expressed loyalty to the Bidens, but it is unclear how much money Hunter ultimately received.

Eric Schwerin

During Joe Biden's vice presidency under Obama, Eric Schwerin was essentially a business partner of Hunter Biden, who went on to manage the family's finances.

Schwerin, who co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners with Hunter Biden, oversaw Rosemont's finances and helped with Hunter's personal accounts, including the tax implications of the president's son's overseas businesses. Schwerin also handled Joe Biden's accounting, including paying bills and preparing taxes, something he testified before Congress he did voluntarily.

Schwerin also stated that Hunter Biden did not cover his father's most important expenses, except for a family cell phone plan, which Joe Biden reimbursed. Schwerin's role also had to do with Hunter's overseas business dealings, referring Burisma to Blue Star Strategies, which helped the company amid corruption allegations. Schwerin assured that he was not aware of any financial relationship between Joe Biden and his relatives' businesses.

Kevin O'Connor

O'Connor was Joe Biden's official physician during Barack Obama's vice presidency. During this position, the military doctor established a relationship with the rest of the Biden family. It was O'Connor who treated Beau Biden's cancer, the president's deceased son. He currently serves in the White House as a doctor.

According to the emails POLITICO had access to, when Jim Biden sought to form a business network dedicated to healthcare with Americore, he had the help of Kevin O'Connor. Jim Biden's plan was to draw on O'Connor's military and medical experience to gain contacts from doctors who had worked with PTSD on military bases.