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Clarence Thomas acknowledges that a Republican mega-donor paid for two luxury trips in 2019

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden's nominee, also reported receiving four concert tickets valued at about $3,700 from Beyoncé.

The Constitution Turns 225 Justice Clarence Thomas

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas acknowledged in a financial disclosure that he took two trips paid for by Republican Harlan Crow in 2019.

"Justice Clarence Thomas acknowledged on Friday additional luxury travel he had accepted from a conservative billionaire, amending a previous financial disclosure to reflect trips he had taken to an Indonesian island and a secretive all-male club in the Northern California redwoods," explained The New York Times.

Likewise, it was learned that other judges such as Ketanji Brown Jackson, nominated by Joe Biden, declared that she received four concert tickets valued at about $3,700 from Beyoncé and $10,000 in works of art for her rooms from Alabama-based artist and musician Lonnie Holley.

In Thomas' case, Axios recalled that Crow also paid private school tuition for Thomas' great-nephew. "ProPublica reported that Thomas has taken at least 38 trips, including private jets, yachts and luxury resort stays, paid for by multiple billionaires," Axios reported.

In November, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to authorize a subpoena for Crow.

The financial statements released each year, according to The New York Times, offer details about judges' activities outside the court.