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DOJ finally acknowledges that info on Hunter Biden's laptop is real

In a motion not to drop charges against the president's son, the special prosecutor stresses that "the strength of the evidence against him is overwhelming."

Joe and Hunter Biden


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The Department of Justice (DOJ) officially recognized that the information on Hunter Biden's laptop was real and not an attempt at electoral interference from Russia as Joe Biden and even important intelligence officials alleged when it first came out in 2020. This is clear from the motion, presented by the special prosecutor investigating the president's son, David Weiss, who asks the judge not to accept the defense's request to drop the charges against his client since "the strength of the evidence against him is overwhelming."

DOJ Acknowledges Laptop Hunter is Real by israel.duro on Scribd

Laptop information confirmed what was discovered on Hunter's iCloud

The motion submitted to the court notes that FBI and IRS investigators obtained a court order to search for tax irregularities in Hunter's iCloud. The technology company made duplicates of the content of the first child of several of its devices. The key point comes next, when Weiss assures that "investigators also later came into possession of the defendant’s Apple MacBook Pro, which he had left at a computer store." After obtaining another court order to access the laptop files, "the results of the search were largely duplicative of information investigators had already obtained from Apple."

Weiss forcefully dismantles the defense's allegations, which demanded that the case be dropped because it is "selective prosecution by the United States Department of Justice ... because Mr. Biden is politically affiliated with his father, the sitting President and a candidate for reelection." According to Weiss, Hunter Biden "he did not establish discriminatory purpose because none of the politicians he reads on 'Truth Social' approved the indictment, and tweets by political opponents of the President did not cause current Executive Branch officials to seek an indictment against the President’s son. Such claims are implausible ."

Hunter Biden confirmed many of the charges in his autobiography

The special prosecutor also claims that the defense did not include any reason why the was DOJ acting in a discriminatory manner against Biden because of who he is. Weiss also noted that "the strength of the evidence against him is overwhelming." Furthermore, he pointed out that Biden himself confirmed many of the charges against him in a book he wrote and published in 2021.

Missing from his motion is an earnest attempt to identify a similarly situated person, as his burden requires. As explained below, see Section I.A., the strength of the evidence against him is overwhelming and distinguishable from any other person who was not prosecuted for similar crimes. After the defendant’s then-girlfriend discovered and discarded his gun, and after he became aware that local authorities had seized his gun, speed loader, and ammunition, and after the defendant announced his awareness of a federal investigation of him in 2020, the defendant chose to author and sell a book in 2021 in which he made countless incriminating statements about his years-long drug usage, including during the time period he purchased and possessed the gun. He recounted his interaction with a drug dealer who pointed a gun at him during a drug deal before he decided to buy his own gun. Investigators also obtained messages from his Apple iCloud account in which he discussed buying thousands of dollars’ worth of crack while also taking videos of himself weighing crack and smoking it. Furthermore, a chemist was able to confirm the presence of cocaine residue on the brown leather pouch in which defendant stored his firearm. The evidence against him does not end there.

Censorship of laptop information for years

Social media platforms and mainstream media called a New York Post exclusive as "Russian disinformation" and censored any mention of it. A smear campaign was even launched against the outlet, and the journalist who revealed the facts ended up out of a job. As revealed after the arrival of Elon Musk to X (known Twitter when he bought it), there was pressure from authorities to eliminate and block any type of content that made reference to it. Investigations showed that this tactic was also applied to Facebook, with meetings between company executives with operatives from federal security and intelligence agencies.