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After being expelled from Congress, HBO will bring George Santos' controversial career to the big screen

The film will tell the unusual story of how the former legislator's career emerged from nowhere by defying the system and committing fraud.

George Santos

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Less than 24 hours after former Republican legislator George Santos' expulsion, HBO Films revealed that it plans to bring much of the controversial former congressman's political career to the big screen.

Santos, a former congressional representative from New York, was after facing 23 charges, including identity theft, wire fraud and embezzlement of campaign funds. The 311-114 vote marked a milestone, making Santos the first member of the House of Representatives to be ousted in more than two decades.

Due to all of the above, HBO Films was interested in turning Santos' case into a dark humor film production. The film is already in the works and will be based on the recently released book by Mark Chiusano, "The Fabulist: The Lying, Hustling, Grifting, Stealing, and Very American Legend of George Santos," which details Santos' life from his beginnings in Brazil to his glamorous nights in Manhattan.

Mike Makowsky, a screenwriter known for his work on HBO's "Bad Education," will be in charge of bringing Santos' story to the big screen. The production will tell the tale of a local politician, initially perceived as low profile but who emerged out of nowhere, exploited the system, and defrauded one of the wealthiest districts in the country to achieve his American dream.

The film will also be under the supervision of Frank Rich, who is recognized for his participation in successful HBO series such as "Veep" and "Succession." Although the release date and cast have yet to be revealed, HBO confirmed that the project was in development before the ouster vote.

What will happen to George Santos' vacancy after the expulsion?

According to the US Constitution, any vacancy in the House of Representatives must be filled through special elections, which are scheduled by the governor of the corresponding state, in this case, New York, so Kathy Hochul (D-NY) is the one who must assume the responsibility of determining the date for the election of George Santos' successor.

The governor has already called a special election, and New York Republican election attorney Joe Burns suggested that the special election should be held 70 to 80 days after Hochul's announcement.

It is essential to note that, unlike traditional electoral processes, on this occasion, local leaders will select the candidates who will participate in these special elections.