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Republican representative launches an investigation into The Squad's involvement in the anti-Israeli assault on the Capitol

Several Republicans point to the potential connection of Reps. Rashida Tlaib, Cory Bush and AOC to the radical anti-Israeli organizations that forced their way into the Cannon Rotunda.

Activistas protestan contra el esperado asalto terrestre de Israel a Gaza en el edificio Canon, junto al Capitolio de Estados Unidos, en Washington, este 18 de octubre de 2023. EFE/EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo


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The assault on the Capitol by hundreds of people to demand a ceasefire in Gaza was organized by two anti-Israeli organizations linked to the radical left. The raid also allegedly had the support of several Democratic members of Congress who are part of the most extreme group in the party, known as "The Squad." Several Republicans have demanded an investigation and that the same charges used to convict participants in the Jan. 6 riots be applied to the dozens of detained protesters from the pro-Palestine group. Marjorie Taylor Greene shared a story on social media of how she was harassed by a group of protesters who were part of a message thread called "Global Intifada," which allegedly featured an attorney from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization with ties to Antifa.

Katrina Bleckley, link between Global Intifada and groups associated with Antifa

In the image shared by Taylor Greene, the name of Katrina Bleckley, an SPLC lawyer, is clearly seen. This progressive organization, which pursues legal action against hate crimes and condemns alleged domestic terrorists, has been linked to Antifa and the Stop Cop City movement from Atlanta, which has carried out violent acts and raids which included the use of weapons to paralyze the construction of a police training facility in the city. In fact, one of the organization's lawyers, Tom Jurgens, was arrested for his participation in these incidents.

Organizations that want to destroy Israel funded by progressive foundations

The rioters were participating in a protest at the doors of the Capitol. The protest was called by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) together with IfNotNow, two anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist organizations that demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, the end of the Palestinian "genocide" and the Israeli occupation. JVP, founded in 1996 by Tony Kushner and Noam Chomsky, joined the call in 2015 to implement Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) policies to end "Israel’s occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied in June 1967."

The group, always characterized by its leftward leanings, has historically been financed by progressive foundations. For example, as Just The News reports, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund gave the organization a grant of $140,000 over two years. In 2019, The Tides Foundation also gave them $75,000.

IfNotNow, a movement to 'demonize Israel and the Jewish people'

IfNotNow was founded by Simone Zimmerman, one of the women featured on The Jerusalem Post's list of the 50 most influential Jews in the world. The organization has been accused on several occasions of being antisemitic and seeking to destroy of the State of Israel. For example, CAMERA, a group that promotes "accurate and balanced coverage of Israel and the Middle East," say that IfNotNow "demonize Israel and the Jewish people": "Our concern with IfNotNow is not that they give the Palestinians a voice, but that they attack Israel, make heavily biased statements and facts, distort the truth, and demonize Israel and the Jewish people."

Among the donors of this organization are the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other organizations that defend the BDS policies used against Israel, such as the Foundation for Peace in the Middle East. Yona Schiffmiller, director of the North American office of the NGO Monitor, highlighted that these groups' funding of IfNotNow "is consistent with that agenda and exacerbates tensions in the American Jewish community."

Assailants shouted and tried to intimidate Marjorie Taylor Greene

The "peaceful protest," as left-wing organizers and activists called it, left images that contradict this depiction. Rep. Taylor Greene described the rioters as "insurrectionist" and shared videos in which the allegedly peaceful protesters tried to intimidate her by shouting, "Let Gaza live!" and, claiming that she has "blood on [her] hands" in plain view of several Capitol Police officers.

Censore resolution for Tlaib

Subsequently, Taylor Greene wrote an official censure resolution for Rep. Rashida Tlaib for her actions facilitating and promoting the occupation of the Capitol grounds. In addition, she sent a letter to the head of the Capitol Police demanding that they "preserve all video surveillance footage, photographic evidence, police reports, and arrest records from all the House Office Buildings" so these rioters can be brought to justice.

'The Squad' stands with the rioters

Before a portion of the protesters broke into the Congressional offices, Representatives Tlaib and Cori Bush addressed those gathered from the stage with anti-Israeli messages. Tlaib even went so far as to accuse the Israeli military of causing the explosion at Al-Ahli hospital, ignoring the evidence presented by the Israeli government. She warned President Biden, "A lot of people are not going to forget this."

About 300 arrested, according to police sources

As the demonstration continued, a large group headed to the Cannon House Office Building and entered by force. Once inside, and despite warnings from Capitol Police that they were committing a crime, the assailants began chanting, "Cease fire now!" and, "Free Palestine!" Police proceeded to arrest dozens of protesters, and though they have not yet reported the exact number, NBC estimates about 300 people are in custody, according to police sources. Charges of assault on a police officer have been made against some of the arrested rioters.