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Green light for DeSantis: he can run in the primaries without leaving his position as governor

The Republican governor will file his candidacy in May, according to several sources.

Ron DeSantis junto a su mujer en un atril frente a la bandera Norteamericana.

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DeSantis only needs one signature to run for president without being forced to leave the governorship of Florida. His own.

SB 7050 was passed by House (76-34) and Senate (28-12) Republicans late last week. The text introduces two exceptions to the rule requiring state officials to resign from their current position in order to stand for election. It is for those running for president and vice-president.

The Democratic legislators tried to remove the bill's enabling legislation, which includes other electoral modifications such as new regulations for absentee voting.

CS for SB 7050 by Santiago Adolfo Ospital on Scribd

This one more sign that DeSantis wants to add his name to the list of candidates vying to win the Republican nomination. According to several reports, the Floridian could announce his candidacy on May 11.

According to the most recent polls, the governor would make it into the White House if he faces Biden. This according to Gallup data, which also show that the U.S. president currently has the worst rating of his entire term in office.