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Biden, Trump or DeSantis, who will win according to the latest polls?

Recent polls have Biden winning against Trump, but some give the Republicans the presidency if their candidate is DeSantis.

Imagen dividida en tres. A la izquierda el expresidente Donald Trump, en el centro el presidente Joe BIden y sobre la derecha el gobernador de Florida Ron DeSantis.

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President Joe Biden would win re-election if he faces Trump, according to a recent Emerson College poll. Biden would beat Trump with 43% of the vote to the Republican's 41%. Although there are 6% of undecided voters who could reverse the result.

The margin would be even greater if DeSantis wins the Republican nomination. Although he has not yet announced his candidacy, according to an NBC exclusive the governor will launch an exploratory committee in May. He could even announce his candidacy on May 11, as some of his supporters are asking him to do. Against DeSantis, Biden would hold 43%, while the Florida governor would get 37% of the vote. In this scenario, 8% said they were still undecided.

However, other recent polls show DeSantis winning. According to WPA Intelligence, the Republican governor would win in the popular vote over the president.

According to WPA Intelligence, which examined seven national popular vote polls since mid-February, Trump, 76, would lose to Biden by an average of 3.1%, while DeSantis, 44, would win the popular vote over the incumbent by an average of 1.2%.
The poll also showed DeSantis ahead of Biden in five of the six potential battleground states in 2024: Arizona (48%-42%), Michigan (45%-43%), Nevada (44%-41%), North Carolina (44%-41%) and Pennsylvania (45%-42%).

In addition, according to a WPA Intelligence analysis released by the pro-DeSantis group Never Back Down, the Floridian would make it into the White House with 286 or 269 Electoral College votes.