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Democratic Party's woke radicalization alienates Hispanics

The shift of the Biden Administration and numerous Democratic leaders toward more extreme positions on gender ideology is a key factor.

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Hispanics continue to drift away from the Democratic Party. One of the main reasons is the adoption of radical woke culture and gender ideology by the Biden Administration and several main Democratic leaders. These far-left ideas have become a major part of Democratic campaign platforms.

ADN America's founder and publisher, Gelet Fragela, told Just The News that "the Hispanic red wave is real and is getting stronger." These words are supported by the polls, which in recent days have shown an increase in members of the Hispanic community planning to vote for the Republican Party in the upcoming midterm elections.

"The Hispanic red wave is getting stronger"

Fragela asserts that "there are two reasons why Hispanics come to this country: it's freedom and prosperity. The progressive wing that has taken over the Democratic Party has done a very bad job on those two. They are a danger to liberty and they destroy the American economy."

Fragela also pointed out that the woke culture does not fit with the Hispanic community's values, especially when it comes to the education of their children. "I think a lot of parents have just said 'enough is enough.' This radical transgender idea that they're trying to instill among children and this gender affirmative agenda that they're trying to implement in school is scaring a lot of parents."