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Spanish party leader: Trump was a pioneer in defending national sovereignty and safe borders

Voz Media interviews conservative leader Santiago Abascal, president of the Spanish political party Vox.

Santiago Abascal

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María Herrera Mellado, Chief Legal Correspondent for Voz Media, conducted an exclusive interview with Spanish political party leader Santiago Abascal. He is the president of the right-wing party Vox and is one of the faces of the conservative movement in Spain.

During the last few days, Abascal has received the support of numerous international leaders such as Italy's Giorgia Meloni and former President Donald Trump, who congratulated the Spaniard for advancing conservative ideas on fundamental issues such as the border security.

Santiago Abascal stressed that Trump's message coincides with the majority of citizens who want immigration to be orderly and borders to be safe. "It is an area in which Trump was ahead of the curve," claimed Abascal. He recalled the former president prioritizing the defense of US borders despite fighting "against the establishment the world's most powerful political and media power in the world."

The Voz exclusive interview covers a variety of topics, including: defense of national sovereignty, the right to life, the heritage of Christian civilization, and even the possibility of creating an international conservative alliance in defense against globalism and the advance of communism in Latin America.

Abascal also went on about the importance of the Hispanic community in America. Here you can watch the full Voz Media interview with Santiago Abascal: