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Democrats no longer want to be seen with President Biden

Congressmen and senators no longer invite the president to their campaign events, nor do they want to go to the media to defend him.  They are trying to keep their careers from being affected by the disaster unleashed by the presidential debate.

President Biden during a BBQ in honor of the Fourth of July in Washington DC. Photo by Mandel NGAN / AFP

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Where are the Democrats? This is the question many are asking these days, and although reports are multiplying about the alleged pressure within the Democratic Party for President Biden to withdraw from the presidential race, so far only three congressmen have openly asked the president to step aside. The rest of representatives and senators seem to be avoiding any exchange with the media and even with President Biden.

According to a report from Reuters, 25 Democratic representatives are reportedly preparing a letter to the president, asking him to withdraw from the presidential race given his questionable cognitive abilities. Meanwhile, the Washington Post has published an article asserting that Senator Mark Warner is trying to assemble a group of senators to ask Biden to withdraw. Various media sources claim that there is panic in the party and that the pressure is increasing.

According to different reports, it is Jill Biden and Hunter Biden who are the main family members who are keeping President Biden in the race. On the other hand, a report by Politico claimed that both Jill, as well as other family members, have blamed some of the president's top advisors for the poor performance in the debate, claiming that they should have prepared him to go on the offensive and not just to defend his four years in the White House.

It has also come to light that Hunter Biden, who has been investigated by various House committees for allegedly being involved in a corruption scheme, doesn't want the president to step down and has even been participating in some of his father's official meetings, which astonished several White House aides. Meanwhile, Jill Biden has also been seen taking a leading role in the public eye and in her husband's campaign. We saw her helping him down the stairs on the day of the disastrous presidential debate, lately she has been the one giving the opening speech at the president's rallies, and over the weekend she was on the cover of Vogue magazine.

But while the presidential family is taking center stage and according to some media sources are the ones not allowing the president to step aside, Democratic lawmakers seem to be hiding. It's as if only the president's family and his closest staffers want to show their faces. This Friday, the president held a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, and Sen. Tammy Baldwin decided not to attend. Her campaign communications director had only this to say on the matter, "Tammy Baldwin is running her own race for the people of Wisconsin."

Last Wednesday, 13 Democratic governors met with the president at the White House. Although the idea was to show Biden´s network of support and sooth anxieties about his candidacy, after the meeting only three of the governors in attendance decided to speak to the media. We saw Tim Walz, governor of Minnesota; Kathy Hochul of New York and Wes Moore, the governor of Maryland.  While they gave their support to the president in front of the press, the rest of the governors preferred to avoid questions from reporters.

New reports are coming out every day claiming that the pressure within the Party is growing for the president to make way for another candidate. The reality is that so far only three Democratic congressmen have publicly asked the president to withdraw his candidacy: Texas Congressman Lloyd Doggett, Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva and Seth Moulton of Massachusetts. But just because the rest of the representatives and senators have not asked the president to withdraw does not mean they support him. The truth is that most Democrats seem to simply want to run away from the situation.

Dozens of congressmen and senators have their seats at risk in the November elections and what is clear as the days go by is that they do not want to be seen anywhere near the president, nor defending a candidate who, for the majority of Americans, is not a good fit.  More than 70% of Americans believe that Biden does not have the mental abilities to serve as president.

The president is no longer invited to campaign events of Democrats who are on the November ballot, candidates even leave him alone when he goes to their states, and almost no Democrat wants to go on the record to talk about the situation. Democrats are running away from Biden, trying to make sure the president's situation causes as little damage to their own careers as possible.