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Pennsylvania: Waste processing plant has collected $10 million in lost coins in trash since 2017

In Morrisville, the Reworld facility has been collecting, sorting and cleaning the money for seven years. About $6 million was deposited in local banks.

Monedas recolectadas en el basurero

Monedas recolectadas en el basurero (Captura de video - Breitbart.com / Foxbusiness.com)


In Morrisville, Pa., a Reworld waste processing plant has collected $10 million in lost coins since it began collecting them from trash in 2017.

According to statements made to Fox by a company executive, the collection procedure at the plant is carried out by a machine that collects the coins from the burned trash, then sorts and washes them so they are clean and shiny.

Rebecca Guardino, director of ash processing at the company commented:

This allows us to better sort the coins, to determine what coins are in good condition or have been damaged, but it also lets us know which denominations we're dealing with. ... We process about 20 million tons of waste a year.

$68 million thrown away

The company estimates that each year, Americans lose about $68 million in coins to the trash.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Reworld's waste management plant began collecting and sorting the coins in 2017. Approximately $6 million of the $10 million in coins found were in good condition.

As reported by Fox, "Of the $10 million in coins that are recovered, only $6 million have been in good enough shape to turn over to a third party to be counted and deposited to local banks."