Elon Musk breaks with the past and even auctions off Twitter's bird

Heritage Global Partners will begin bidding on September 12. It will sell items such as logos, a hashtag sign and even office supplies.

The Twitter era is about to come to an end. After changing the logo and name of the well-known social network, Elon Musk decided to completely do away with the platform's old identity. To this end, the tycoon has decided to get rid of all items that might be reminiscent of the old brand, and has teamed up with the company Heritage Global Partners to hold an auction that even includes the bird that decorated the outside of the San Francisco office.

The bidding will begin on September 12 and will include a total of 584 items, including a large birdcage with the blue Twitter bird (Larry) logo welded on top, numerous statues of the hashtags and "@" icons, a painting of the viral selfie that Ellen DeGeneres posted on the social network during the 2014 Oscars, another painting of Barack Obama celebrating his re-election and numerous musical instruments.

Farewell to Larry, the Twitter bird

Also included are several logos of Larry, the Twitter bird in the auction. However, in a couple of them, the auction house warns, it is necessary for the buyer "to hire an SF Licensed Company with appropriate Permits." This is because the placing of such a structure on any building, whether indoors or outdoors, requires a special permit.

Exclusive items are not the only thing the company will be selling, those who wish can also bid on office equipment such as desks, chairs, telephone booths and even refrigerators. Bidding on each product will begin automatically on the morning of September 12 for a starting price of $25. The various auctions will close between September 14 and 23, putting an end to any trace of the old Twitter and ushering in the X era.