Tesla forced to reduce the price of Model Y, Model S and Model X by $2,000

After announcing layoffs and the recall of thousands of Cybertrucks, this is the latest bad news for the company in a week to be forgotten.

First came  the announcement about global layoffs. Days later, it was reported that thousands of Cybertrucks would be recalled due to an assembly problem. The latest news from Tesla this week is that the company led by Elon Musk was forced to lower the price of three of its models.

Specifically, these price changes affect the Model Y, which will now cost approximately $42,990; the Model S, which will be worth $72,990; and the Model X, which will now cost $79,990. Each car's price was docked by $2,000.

The price of two other models, the Model 3 and the Cybertruck, were not changed.

This latest decision by Tesla comes in response to poor economic and commercial conditions. Earlier this month, the company led by Musk recorded its first drop in quarterly sales since 2020, just as its stock market value took a dive.