Devon Archer claims in interview with Tucker Carlson that Joe Biden knew he was involved in calls with his son Hunter's business associates

Hunter's former business partner opined that in retrospect, the then-vice president's presence at the meetings was "an abuse of soft power."

This Wednesday, Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson to publicly recount what he testified about behind closed doors before the House Oversight Committee.

During the conversation, Archer confirmed that Joe Biden joined more than two dozen meetings between Hunter and his foreign business partners. Although he preferred not to answer whether the then-vice president knew he was part of business meetings, he said that Joe Biden “knew that there were Hunter’s business associates in the room.”

“Yeah, I think I can definitively say at particular dinners and meetings, he knew there were business associates, and he, or if I was there, I was a business associate too. So I think, or if you know, any of the other colleagues from the DC office or New York were there,” he said.

“An abuse of soft power

In the first installment of the interview with Carlson, Archer commented that, while he does not know if the calls involving Joe Biden were orchestrated, the vice president’s presence in the meetings was “very impactful.”

“You know, if you’re sitting with a foreign business person and you hear the vice president’s voice, that’s prize enough. That’s pretty impactful stuff,” he said, highlighting that now in retrospect, he can realize that “it’s an abuse of soft power.

A letter from Joe Biden to Archer

During the interview, Carlson read him a letter Joe Biden gave to his son’s former partner. In the text, the then-vice president apologized for being unable to speak to him while receiving former Chinese President Hu and said he hoped to see him again soon with Hunter.

Carlson pointed out that in the letter, Joe Biden thanked him, and Carlson asked him precisely what the thanks were in reference to. Archer stated that the then-vice president thanked him for the idea of taking a strategic regulatory advisory business from the government to the private equity sector.