DeSantis changes campaign manager in the midst of race to beat Trump

Generra Peck will be replaced by James Uthmeier. However, the former director will remain part of the team.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to make changes to his presidential campaign staff and has now decided to replace his campaign manager Generra Peck.

According to a report from The Messenger, De Santis decided to change Peck's role but will still keep her as part of his team. She will now assume the role of chief campaign strategist.

The campaign manager position will now be filled by James Uthmeier, who was serving as chief of staff in the governor's office. Also joining the team as deputy campaign manager will be David Polyansky, a veteran who is a senior advisor to the super PAC "Never Back Down" that supports DeSantis.

Criticism of Peck

Although Peck was an essential member of DeSantis' re-election as governor, the former campaign manager has been heavily criticized by the Republican candidate's advisors and donors for how quickly the money she raised was depleted.

According to campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, DeSantis was the Republican candidate who raised the most money for his presidential campaign, but at least 40% of the amount he received has already been spent on salaries.

"They never should have brought so many people on. The burn rate was way too high. People warned the campaign manager, but she wanted to hear none of it," opined a source familiar with the DeSantis presidential campaign.

Cutting staff

The Florida governor has already taken matters into his own hands. He has not only decided to make significant cuts in his team but has also restructured in hopes of regaining the momentum he had a few months ago and once again becoming a challenger Trump can fear.