Coachella speaks Spanish: Bad Bunny and Rosalía shone brightly at the festival

The event is being held this year in Indio, California.

Bad Bunny and Rosalía were the big stars of the first weekend of Coachella. The music festival, taking place in Indio (California), is the stage for great singers such as Becky G, BlackPink and Calvin Harris.

The winners, without any doubt, were Bad Bunny and the Spanish Rosalía. She took the stage last Saturday in the first of her two dates at Coachella (she will repeat her performance next weekend) and in front of thousands of fans she performed twenty-two of her songs. She started off with 'Saoko,' the second single from her album Motomami:

This song was followed by 'Bizcochito' and 'La fama,' among others. But the highlight of the night came when she performed Beso. There, in front of thousands of fans, the singer surprised everyone by inviting her guest on stage: "How many of you here have heard RR? Tonight is very special for me because four years ago I came to Coachella and I came alone. But not this time." After the introduction, her fiancé, Rauw Alejandro, came up to the stage and together they performed a medley of 'Beso' and 'Vampiros':

However, it was not their performances that were the stars of the evening. Rosalia herself was. The singer performed sick with the flu, as she herself confessed on her Instagram account:


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She also had some comical moments with her wardrobe choices. She decided to wear black pants and a bustier, and a pale pink overcoat, an accessory that proved problematic and that she described as "cute" but that "got tangled all the time." She mentioned that thankfully no one else seemed to notice.


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Bad Bunny, the first Latin American to headline Coachella

But Rosalía was not the most anticipated Hispanic artist. That title went to Bad Bunny, who was also the first Latin American ever to headline Coachella. The performer took the stage of the music festival last Friday and will repeat his show next weekend.

His was a performance in which, by popular demand, the Spanish language was the main protagonist. It all started when Benito Martinez Ocasio (Bad Bunny's real name) came on stage and asked the following question: "What do you prefer? Me speaking English or español [Spanish]?" The audience's response was clear: "Español [Spanish]!" And Bad Bunny, pleasing the audience, assured: "Entonces, ustedes mandan [Then, you command]." After this, he performed 'Titi me preguntó,' the first of the songs with which he surprised his fans during the more than one-hour show, which also included songs such as 'Me porto bonito':

There was also room for controversy. It happened during 'El apagón.' As he began to perform this song, the Puerto Rican singer projected a series of messages retrieved from social networks. But one of them caught the public's attention. An anonymous tweet comparing Bad Bunny to Harry Styles: "Good night. Benito could do 'As It Was', but Harry could never do 'El apagón'," the tweet read:

Other actions

Bad Bunny and Rosalia were not the only Hispanic representatives performing at Coachella. The music festival once again featured the singer Becky G, who gave several performances that the festival broadcast on its YouTube channel:

Hispanic representatives also included Eladio Carrión and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Carrión performed right after Rosalía and is expected to repeat his show next Saturday. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs performed on Sunday and fans will be able to enjoy this Argentine group again next Sunday, just before Coachella closes its doors until next year.