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Wedding bells ring: Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro announce their engagement

After three years of dating, the singers broke the news of their engagement at the end of their new single titled 'Beso.'

Rauw Alejandro y Rosalía se casan

(Capture / ROSALÍA - Youtube)

Spanish singer Rosalia and Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro announced their engagement in a rather unusual way. They didn't do it in a particularly extravagant way, it was actually quite natural. Long gone are the classic photographs, now posted on social media, where the bride is seen with the ring on her hand and the groom kneeling down asking her to marry him.

In the case of these two artists, they decided to make the official announcement in their new single titled Beso. At the end of this video clip, Rosalía is seen crying happy tears with the big diamond ring on her ring finger. "Oh, my god. My mascara is all smeared. I love you," she says, while wiping away tears.

The two singers, who have been dating for three years, have not confirmed anything beyond the video, but many people are congratulating the couple on social media.

Three songs, three years together, three phases of their love

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro released their long-awaited first collaborative song titled RЯ -symbols of the union of their initials intertwined with an infinity. This new song by the artists includes three songs that reflect the different phases of their three-year relationship.

Beso is the title track of the trio of songs and is the only one with an official music video. The song has a reggaeton melody and the music video shows recordings the couple made in different situations and while traveling around the world.

Vampiros is the second track of the project and is more of Rauw's style, with a more party-oriented reggaeton beat.

The project closes with a bang: a bolero-style song mixed with electronic segments called Promesa.