Carlson calls for Biden's impeachment for selling strategic oil to China

Hunter Biden is linked to the Chinese oil company Sinopec, to which the Department of Energy has sold one million barrels.

Tucker Carlson en la cadena Fox News

Reuters has reported that Joe Biden's administration has sold 5 million barrels of the strategic reserves to several countries, including China. Biden's decision to sell the reserves comes at a time when gasoline prices are at record highs in the country.

The strategic petroleum reserve is releasing one million barrels per day, to help control rising fuel prices. A gallon of gasoline has reached 5 dollars. The agency cites the opinion of several Energy Department officials, who believe that those 5 million barrels sent to other countries would have contributed to lower gasoline prices to some extent.

Shellenberger: Biden did restrict supply

Journalist Michael Shellenberger, who specializes in the energy market, criticizes Joe Biden's measure. He recalls that the president scoffed at Republican accusations that he was restricting oil supply. And he believes that is what he was doing: he is restricting it for the domestic market because he has sold some of it to countries like China or India.

China is a rival power to the United States. And India has started buying oil and gas from Russia in large quantities just when the United States and its European partners are trying to limit the purchase of hydrocarbons from the Putin regime, which has invaded Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson: "Impeachment!"

Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson has gone further. Carlson believes the president did it on purpose, and calls for his impeachment. Carlson adds that the sale of strategic reserves was not necessary, precisely because China and India buy large quantities of oil from Russia. He also considers that the measure has helped another of the enemies of the United States, such as Russia.

The journalist adds that the reserve oil is of high quality. It is the easiest to process, precisely in the eventuality that the country has to face a crisis. It is this high quality oil that Biden has sold to China.

A Chinese company linked to Hunter Biden

All these criticisms came before the Washington Free Beacon reported that one million barrels, out of the five that the Biden Administration has sold to other countries, were diverted to a Chinese Communist Party company linked to Hunter Biden.

This is Unipec, which is a trademark of the Chinese Petrochemical Corporation, Sinopec. Hunter Biden has ties to Sinopec, as he lobbies for the CCP company in the United States. A company he founded has a $1.7 billion stake in Sinopec Marketing.