Born July 3rd: Tom Cruise turns 60

Tom Cruise is at the top of his game after 40 years of starring in some of the most impactful films. He has turned 60.

Pete Mitchell returns to fly the skies of America in Top Gun: Maverick. The film fills theaters with moviegoers. Many of them saw Top Gun in the cinema in 1986. More than one must be wondering if Tom Cruise snuck into Back to the Future and has made use of the Delorean. He seems transplanted into Top Gun: Maverick from 1986.

Cruise's films have grossed $8.49 billion, making him the second most successful actors in history in the box office.

Fighting against time

His partner in Top Gun, Kelly McGillis, is 5 years older than him. Today she looks like his elderly mother. In the new film she has been replaced by the gorgeous Jennifer Connelly, who is nine years younger.

Cruise insults the passage of time. To do this, he resorts to a strict diet and a very studied exercise program. Collagen, platelet-rich plasma... There is no technological advance applied to the attainment of eternal youth to which he does not resort.

Success from the start

Few actors have started their career with such good directors: Franco Zeffirelli (Endless Love), Francis Ford Coppola (The Outsiders), Martin Scorsese (The Colour of Money), Ridley Scott (Legend), or Tony Scott (Top Gun). By the time he rivaled Val Kilmer in Top Gun he was already an established actor. He was 24 years old.

His early roles centered on his relationship with success. It seemed, on and off screen, that his entire career was marked by that ability to achieve everything. Life smiled at him, and he responded with his everlasting smile. Rain Man showed an actor with new registers. Born on the 4th of July consecrated him as a great actor.

Always better

With the exception of Vanilla Sky, Rock of Ages or, especially, The Mummy, he is an actor who has chosen his projects well. No less than eleven of his films have 7.5 points or more on IMDB. Some of them are true masterpieces, such as Magnolia (8 points), directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, or Rain Man (8), by Barri Levinson.

But the most striking thing is that his career reflects his enormous spirit of self-improvement. Undoubtedly, this character helps him to build his characters, between heroism and acrobatics, to the astonishment of the spectator.

The proof of this will to improve is that the best of his Mission: Impossible saga is the last one. And the film with the highest recognition on IMDB is also the last: Top Gun: Maverick (8.6).

Tom Cruise turned 60 on July 3. We can only imagine how far his career is going to go.