Bizarrap changes his stage name to Bizapop

The Argentine producer announced his new name in a story on Instagram and a subsequent publication on X. There is no indication of the change on Facebook or YouTube.

The Argentine producer Bizarrap has adopted a new stage name and is now called Bizapop. The artist announced the news on Instagram where he uploaded a story with a new cap (his characteristic accessory), and later changed his profile. It no longer has Bizarrap as a username, but has now become Bizapop. In the rest of his social networks, such as Facebook, YouTube or X (formerly Twitter), he has not yet changed his username and continues to show the old one: Bizarrap.

However, on X, he did upload a publication that, like the Instagram story, shows the artist with a cap showing us his new abbreviation, which goes from BZRP to BZPP, thus demonstrating that its new name is real and not the result of a hack as previously believed:

What is the reason for Bizarrap's name change?

The producer has not given any explanation for the name change. However, specialist media such as the Spanish Europa FM assure that the change could be due to a new strategy in which he would no longer use rap as a basis for his musical compositions, but would focus more on commercial pop. Something that he has already been doing by collaborating with artists like Shakira and Rauw Alejandro. Before them, Bizapop produced rap and trap songs with artists such as Residente, Arcángel, Quevedo, Villano Antillano or Duki.

The name change has also brought with it rumors about which singers could be the next to collaborate with the Argentine artist. The name that rings the loudest is Belinda, who is also called @belindapop on X and recently became a follower the producer's social media profile. Others claim that Bizapop could soon collaborate with Lali Espósito; Jimin, member of the K-Pop band BTS or the Spanish singer Aitana.