We may be thirty days away from a serious diesel shortage that could rob our nation of its world leadership.

During World War II, the Allies' aerial assault on the Nazis did not begin to have the strategic means to bring the enemy to its knees until Germany's oil reserves were destroyed and it was unable to refuel its tanks. Then, as now, destroying the energy infrastructure of an adversary can bring about the destruction of a nation. America's current enemies have not forgotten that historic lesson.

Which is why Americans should view with alarm the unconscionable news reported by industry analysts that we are facing a severe shortage of diesel fuel this winter.

Understandably, we have been focused on the price of gasoline, but it is diesel that actually runs America. It is diesel that powers America's freight trains, trucks, freighters, barges and buses. It is the fuel that runs our farming and construction equipment. And for many, diesel is the fuel that heats their homes.

How is it that diesel reserves have dropped to frightening levels while the energy-demanding cold weather has not even arrived in most of the country yet? How is it that the Biden Administration continues to buckle to a Progressive agenda that has prevented us from accessing the energy that resides within our borders?

While current refining capacity is one of the reasons why there is a pending energy crunch, we need to recognize that the White House has aggressively sought to fulfill their political pledge to curtail new oil and gas drilling. If successful, that policy would prevent us from returning to energy independence. If the Biden Administration is allowed to proceed, our enemies, and their enablers, would find a seriously damaged America, the victim of a self-inflicted wound threatening our future.

It remains deeply troubling to see those corporate billionaires who hold American citizenship consider how their Chinese multimillion dollar markets will react to American foreign policy -- and then offer domestic political donations with an eye on placating places like Beijing.

Having been questioned about his half a billion dollars' worth of Democratic political donations designed to further their agenda, Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg says he will not pursue a second round of contributions.

Private funding of government election offices has since been made illegal, at least in 24 states. In all 50 states, however, federal public funding of government election offices appears still to be legal.

In an era when we may be thirty days from a severe diesel shortage that can further rob our nation of its global leadership, the president's actions may be literally cold comfort for many Americans and our economy.

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