Biden tests positive for covid again

The president reportedly used paxlovid for his recovery, but tested positive again.

Joe Biden tests positive for covid again after being cured with paxlovid. Through his Twitter account, Biden has communicated that after testing positive again , he will step away from public life, although he will continue to work. The president's personal physician, Kevin O'Connor, has confirmed that Biden has not had a resurgence of symptoms, although as a precaution he will be in isolation at the White House.

Biden' s covid positive was obtained in a control antigen test. There are several cases in which the use of the drug paxlovid has resulted in a rebound days after testing negative. This oral drug is authorized for the treatment of the virus. Joe Biden has had very mild symptoms of the disease (he has had two doses of the vaccine and two booster doses). Reinfection or rebound is occurring in the case of the latest covid variants.

UPDATE (Aug. 1, 2022): Joe Biden tests positive again for routine medical screening. This is the president's second positive, following paxlovid use.