Baja California massacre: ten killed in gunfight during rally in Ensenada

The state prosecutor's office said the evidence points to a shootout between two groups of criminal gangs.

At least ten people were killed and nine others injured on Saturday afternoon in an armed attack in the town of San Vicente, Ensenada, in the state of Baja California (Mexico), according to the state Attorney General's Office.

Although the attack was initially thought to have been against unarmed civilians, the Attorney General's Office eventually pointed to a confrontation between organized crime groups. According to authorities, a group of people got out of a pickup truck and started shooting at several vehicles and attendees of a car rally called El Cachanillazo.

Ricardo Iván Carpio, Attorney General of Baja California, explained that at the scene of the incident, gunshots and traces of blood were found in the car from which the assailants had fired; therefore, everything points to the fact that the first aggression was started by those who were at the rally. Investigations indicate that it was a confrontation between alleged organized crime groups. "With these new findings, we can determine that this incident stems from a confrontation between alleged criminals who challenged each other with gunfire at the event," the prosecutor explained.

The authorities reported opening a special multi-level investigation group to shed light on the attack.