Apple sentenced to pay up to $500 million for 'Batterygate' case

The company slowed down older devices when users updated their phone’s operating system. They claim that it was to preserve battery life.

Apple will have to pay between $310 million and $500 million to about three million iPhone users for the so-called Batterygate. The case went to court in 2018, after consumers learned that the company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne intentionally slowed down old devices by updating the iOS operating system.

The company confirmed that it slowed down devices to preserve battery life. iPhone users were not informed that this would happen and it led to multiple problems. It was interpreted as a strategy to get consumers to buy new iPhones and that's when several US states began investigating and filing class action lawsuits against Apple.

According to Gizmodo, Apple took responsibility and will issue settlement payments to iPhone users. The Justice Department is finally able to close the case after five years of litigation.