Alabama: Man to be given lethal injection for two murders

This is the first execution in the state since the first this in the country, which was carried out using nitrogen gas in January.

A man identified as Jamie Ray Mills will be executed this Thursday in Alabama. The man was convicted of beating an elderly couple to death 20 years ago to steal prescription medications and $140 from their home. This last execution in the state came in January. It was the first one to be carried out in the country using nitrogen.

"Lethal injection remains the state’s main execution method unless an inmate has requested nitrogen," NBC News explained.

Meanwhile, Mills insists on his innocence and has asked the Supreme Court to intervene. His lawyers argue that the prosecution lied in the case:

His attorneys argued newly obtained evidence shows the prosecution lied about having a plea agreement with Mills’ wife to spare her from the death penalty if she testified against her husband.

NBC News recalled that "a jury convicted Jamie Mills of capital murder and voted 11-1 for the death sentence, which a judge imposed. JoAnn Mills had also been charged with capital murder, but after testifying against her husband, she pleaded to a reduced charge of murder and received a life sentence with the possibility of parole."