62% of Americans disapprove of Biden's handling of the economy.

New survey data shows a 16 percentage point decline compared to a year ago.

A survey published by Ipsos and ABC News indicates that President Joe Biden's economic management continues to be negative for citizens with a 62% disapproval rating in the latest poll.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents believe the country's economy will continue to worsen, compared to only 12% who say it is improving, and 18% who think it will stay the same. This is the highest percentage reached since 2008, when the level of disapproval for economic management was 82% according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

The assessment of inflation is even worse: 71% of Americans disapprove of Biden's measures to contain rising prices. The president only manages to save himself with a more than 50% approval in the management of the coronavirus. When asked about gasoline prices, 34% of citizens support the work being done by the administration, compared to a figure of 27% in June. Currently, the average price of a gallon of gasoline is almost a dollar lower than in June.

Republicans and Democrats to vote in November

The ABC News/Ipsos poll also asked citizens about their enthusiasm for voting in the midterm elections. The poll found that 75% of Republicans are enthusiastic about voting, compared to 68% of Democrats and 49% of independents. In polls previously conducted in April and June of this year, Republicans stated that they were more enthusiastic about voting than Democrats. That gap has narrowed to five points in this August survey.

Abortion has become a determining factor in these elections. Forty-nine percent of respondents said they would be more likely to support a candidate who would maintain access to legal abortion, compared to 27% who would be more likely to support the candidate who is in favor of limiting abortion.

The new ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted August 5-6 with a total of 665 respondents. The survey's margin of error is 4.2 percentage points.