Woke influencer Dayjia Blackwell proudly showed off while looting in Philadelphia, then came out crying in mugshot

The content creator known as Meatball tried to distance herself from the looting, claiming that she had nothing to do with it.

A social media content creator known as “Meatball” was arrested after livestreaming the mass looting of several Philadelphia businesses and showing her cheering on the looters, laughing, and enthusiastically applauding the vandalism.

Meatball, whose real name is Dayjia Blackwell, shared with thousands of her Instagram and Tiktok followers how people were robbing stores like Apple, Foot Locker, Lululemon and even a liquor store.

The influencer screamed with emotion in the videos and even seemed to encourage those present to continue with the wave of crimes. “Tell the police they're either going to lock me up tonight or they're going to light up, it's going to be a movie,” Meatball said in one of her videos.

Blackwell's arrest

After the broadcasts, news of Meatball's arrest began to circulate on the internet. Some social media users shared videos showing police detaining the woman and handcuffing her, and Mayor Jim Kenney later confirmed it.

"She's in jail," he said.

Reports indicate that Blackwell tried to disassociate herself from the looting by claiming that she had nothing to do with it even though it had already been filmed, providing enough footage that could incriminate her and her friends. Her mugshot was later released and she can be seen crying.

More than 50 arrested

Blackwell was not the only one arrested. According to interim police commissioner John Stanford, 52 arrests have already been recorded, and he assured that this number would increase.

"52 individuals were arrested including 3 juveniles and 2 guns recovered. Criminal behavior should never be acceptable in our city because our communities deserve better!" he reported through the social network X.

The authorities also reported that at least two firearms were recovered at the crime scenes and the investigations that have been carried out so far reveal that the criminals could be using social media to plan their acts of vandalism.