Will he return to the White House? A survey places Donald Trump for the first time with 50% of voting intention in the presidential race

The YouGov/CBS News poll also shows that voters have considerable concerns about Joe Biden's ability to keep with up the role and his health.

An important national survey has positioned former President Donald Trump with 50% voting intention for the first time in the presidential race. Great news for the aspirations of the Republican candidate, who welcomes the public's doubts about President Joe Biden's ability to hold office .

According to the YouGov/CBS News survey, conducted between September 12 and 15, and whose results were published this Tuesday, Trump would be leading Biden by one digit: 50-49 .

Trump leads Biden by one digit / Credit: YouGov/CBS

While Trump's lead is within the margin of error, the survey is good news for the Republican because Biden is also facing other challenges, such as the majority of voters surveyed are not sure the Democrat will stay in office for a second term, in case of winning in 2024.

In fact, only 34% say Biden would finish his second term, far below the 55% who think Trump would finish his second term despite the fact that both are almost the same age.

Would Biden finish a second term? The public says no / Credit: YouGov/CBS

Although others important surveys —such as that of Beacon Research/Shaw & Company Research in collaboration with Fox News, or that of HarrisX with Harvard University—, had put Trump above Biden in the presidential race, it is the first time that the Republican reaches the 50% threshold.

A notable fact from the most recent polls is that Donald Trump's popularity among Republicans has remained intact in recent months , despite the various accusations by the Department of Justice against him.

The former president is facing various legal battles in Georgia, Washington DC, New York and Florida for charges related to electoral interference, alleged violation of the RICO law, violation of the National Archives Act among other federal and state accusations that, in total , they would reach 91 charges.

Unlike Trump, who maintains his firm base, Biden is seeing his popularity decline and enthusiasm around his candidacy is increasingly low due to his constant failures in front of the cameras, his advanced age and, especially, the corruption accusations against him for allegedly participating in Hunter Biden's businesses, As reported The Wall Street Journal based on a recent national survey.

Another key takeaway from the YouGov/CBS poll is that, by nearly three to one, voters think only Trump is mentally healthy enough to hold office.

In total, 43% think that only Trump is fit to hold office compared to 16% who say that only Biden is. 12% opted for the both option and 29% said that neither Trump nor Biden are suitable.

Overall, 72% of respondents think Biden is not healthy enough to be president.

Are Biden and Trump fit to hold office? The majority thinks that Biden does not and that Trump does / Credit: YouGov/CBS

Independents believe that the country is economically worse

In addition to the doubt about his physical and mental state, Joe Biden has to deal with another disadvantage against Trump among a key electoral group: independents.

According to the YouGov/CBS poll, nearly half of voters (45%), and a majority of independents, say they are worse off financially than before the pandemic. Those who say that the situation is better today represent 20% of the sample and 35% chose the option "about the same."

This data demonstrates that the Biden Administration's narrative on " Bidenomics " is categorically collapsing.

People believe they are worse off economically than before the pandemic / Credit: YouGov/CBS