Who will end up KO'd? Musk confirms cage match with Zuckerberg

The owner of the social network X confirmed that the fight will be streamed from its platform and that the proceeds will go "to charities for veterans."

Elon Musk confirmed what everyone expected: the tycoon owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, will fight in a cage against Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Meta (the parent company of Facebook, Instagram and Threads).

The news is the latest confirmation of rumors that both billionaires have been fueling since late June, and now, it appears the chatter has become a reality. The fight will take place and, in addition, as Musk himself assured, it will be broadcast on X and the profits obtained from the long-awaited event will go to "charities for veterans":

Musk also said he was already seriously preparing for combat. According to one of his posts on X, his training consists of "lifting weights throughout the day":

Zuckerberg was quick to respond. He did so through his new social network, Threads, where he not only gave a hint of the date on which the fight could be fought, August 26, but also launched a veiled criticism against Musk and his social network X, by giving hints that perhaps X is not the most appropriate platform to broadcast the expected fight:

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Musk v. Zuckerberg: how one of the fights of the century came about

The rumors began on June 21. On that day, Musk proposed to Zuckerberg to have a cage match. Against all odds, the CEO of Meta accepted from his Instagram account and soon after, Twitter (the name of the social network at the time) ingnited and began to organize the fight.


Musk proposed the Vegas Octogon and assured that he had already started to prepare for the expected appointment with a move called "The Walrus." Days later, it was confirmed that martial arts legend and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Georges St-Pierre had applied to coach the X owner.

Not only that, the day before, the social network X had also been the place where podcaster Lex Fridman had claimed he was also helping the mogul prepare for the expected fight.