Walmart begins removing self-checkout machines

The retailer's stores located in St. Louis, Cleveland and New Mexico decided to eliminate this modality due to the technological problems they face.

Walmart has begun removing self-checkout machines. After retailer's stores decided to eliminate this method of payment in New Mexico, other American locations decided to follow in their footsteps. Walmart customers in St. Louis and Cleveland will also not be without self checkout, which allows them to pay for their purchase without the need for an employee.

The reason, according to the company, is technical problems they are detecting in these self-payment machines. It is not the only reason. As spokesperson Briand Little explained to USA Today, they had also decided to apply this measure after consulting with employees, customers and local purchasing patterns about the machines. It explained that this new measure comes as part of Walmart's "announced plans for additional investments and improvements to stores across the country":

The decision was based on several factors, including feedback from associates and customers, shopping patterns and business needs in this area. We believe the change will improve the in-store shopping experience and give our associates the chance to provide more personalized and efficient service.

According to the supermarket chain, self-checkout kiosks will also gradually disappear and, in their place, they will return to placing the traditional payment lines that have physical checkout counters to serve customers.

Walmart is not the only franchise that is also detecting technological problems that force them to withdraw new self-checkout machines. Recently, Amazon announced that it would stop using its "Just Walk Out" technology and replace it with a new method that is still in a developmental phase.