Venezuelan Canserbero is the best rapper in Spanish, according to 'Rolling Stone' magazine

The singer died in 2015 under strange circumstances, something that the magazine also points out.

Rolling Stone magazine published a list of the best rappers in Spanish. Venezuelan Tirone José González Orama, better known as Canserbero, tops the ranking. The magazine celebrated the 50th anniversary of rap, created in 1973.

The list recognizes 50 great rappers. Canserbero is in first place. In his songs, the rapper tells complex and dark stories, with reflections on life, death, injustice and the streets.

"With profound lyrics, an unmistakable voice and an attitude of solid authenticity, Canserbero needed little time to become one of the most emblematic figures of rap in Latin America," explained Rolling Stone.

The magazine also highlighted songs such as "It's epic." The magazine states that the rapper has a restless soul tortured by his personal history.

The rapper became one of the most important promoters of the genre in the underground scene. The magazine points out that he died in 2015 under strange circumstances and that his tragic death "could be mistakenly seen as a justification for the glory of his legend, but he had a huge spirit, responsible for a legacy as great as the emptiness that the scene has felt since his departure."

Other rappers included in the Rolling Stone ranking are Akapellah, Lil Supa, Gabylonia and Apache. "Rap in Spanish today has become especially important, with celebrities that have an impressive following at their concerts and other platforms, proving the growth which has been evident for more than four decades," said Rolling Stone.