The United States continues to be the leading country in sending remittances abroad

According to a report linked to the UN, citizens allocated $79.15 billions to their relatives or close friends who live in other territories.

A report from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) - an institution associated with the United Nations (UN) - revealed that the United States continues to be the leading country in sending remittances abroad. In 2022 - the latest data published - workers sent a total of $79.15 million to their family members or friends living in their countries of origin or in other territories, more than double the amount issued from Saudi Arabia, the second-largest nation on the list.

But it is not only notable that the country was first in the 2022 ranking. It has been so since 2010, and the sending of remittances has maintained an upward trend since then. In that year, 50.53 million dollars were sent abroad, while in 2015, 60.72 billion dollars were sent and, in 2020, 66.54 billion dollars.

The fact that the United States is the leading country in sending remittances abroad is due, in large part, to the job opportunities and salaries offered. Foreigners are aware and that is why they make the decision to move to our country to be able to help their loved ones with the income they earn.

The countries from which the most remittances are sent

Behind the United States was Saudi Arabia, from where 39.35 billion  dollars were sent abroad - less than half that from our territory. The podium was completed by Switzerland, from which 31.91 billion dollars were sent in 2022.

Second and third place varied from 2020 to 2022. At the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century, the United Arab Emirates, with 43.35 billion dollars, and Saudi Arabia, with 34.60 million dollars, occupied these positions, respectively.

Returning to 2022, they completed the list Germany ($25.60 billion), China ($18.26 billion), Kuwait ($17.74 billion), Luxembourg ($15.51 billion), Netherlands ($15.41 billion), France ($14.44 billion) and Qatar ($12.29 billion).

The countries that receive the most remittances

On the opposite side of the ranking, we find the countries that receive the most remittances. In first position was India again (111.22 billion dollars), the country that has led the ranking since 2010.

The change occurs in second place, to which Mexico rises from third position (61.10 billion dollars) and China falls (51 billion dollars), a country that, in 2022, was ranked in third place.

The list of the ten nations that received the most remittances in 2022 was completed Philippines (38.05 billion dollars), France (30.04 billion dollars), Pakistan (29.87 billion dollars), Egypt (28.33 billion dollars), Bangladesh (21.50 billion dollars), Nigeria (20.13 billion dollars) and Germany (19.29 billion of dollars).