Taylor Swift enters the billionaires' club thanks to her musical career

After finishing the US tour of 'The Eras Tour,' the singer's fortune stands at $1.1 billion, surpassing the economies of several small countries.

The good news just keeps coming for Taylor Swift. With the premiere of her new album, "1989 Taylor's Version (from the Vault)," the artist received more good news not only to do with this album, but with all the others and, more specifically, with her musical career: Taylor has now entered into the billionaires club.

The singer's fortune, Bloomberg reveals, stands at 1.1 billion dollars, thus surpassing the economies of several small countries. The important thing about this data is that the benefits come mainly from what was obtained from the sale of his albums as well as the tours he has done. Without a doubt, the most productive has been the last one, "The Eras Tour," which achieved tremendous success during the concerts that Taylor Swift gave in the United States.

Not only for her, but also for the American economy. Axios recounts how the 53 concerts that Swift gave across the nation in 2023 added approximately $4.3 billion to the US GDP. Something that also assures Bloomberg is, the labor economist at the University of Chicago, Carolyn Sloane, demonstrated the economic power that the artist has nationally: "In addition to being a generational talent, Taylor Swift is a great economist. Taylor has great ideas, is able to scale her ideas and seems to be pretty risk-seeking."

The effects that Taylor Swift generates on the national economy

It was just one of the effects the tour left on the nation. Several analyzes showed that the cities in which the artist had performed a show, saw their economies grow. In this way, in metropolises like Seattle, CNN recalls, the number of public transportation users and hotel occupancy increased significantly. It was in that same city where the fans who attended the concert caused seismic activity that would be equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake. Additionally, Santa Clara briefly changed its name in honor of the singer and became "Swiftie Clara" during the artist's visit.

The film premiere of "Eras Tour" was also a success across the nation. During its first weekend of release, AMC said, the film earned a total of $96 million in the United States and Canada alone. This represents 75% of the total that entered during its first weekend globally. In the rest of the world, the figure was much lower, reaching 32 million dollars, according to data provided by the specialized website Box Office Mojo.