Ron DeSantis promises to reduce gas prices to $2 per gallon if elected president

The GOP candidate for the White House and governor of Florida announced that he will implement a series of energy reforms to "reverse the harmful policies of Joe Biden and his 'Green New Deal.'"

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is one of the leading presidential candidates for the Republican Party, announced that, if he is elected in 2024, he will launch a program with the objective of lowering fuel prices to $2 per gallon by 2025.

DeSantis announced his presidential promise in a speech in Midland, Texas, in which he declared: "As your President, I will restore our Freedom to Fuel, starting on January 20, 2025. I will ensure that the United States of America is the dominant energy producer in the entire world."

In a statement, DeSantis said he intends to "reverse Joe Biden's harmful "Green New Deal" policies that hurt Americans and strengthen our adversaries":

As President, I will be laser-focused on reducing gas prices and energy costs. We will unleash American energy dominance as a way to stop inflation and achieve $2 gas in 2025. ... We will reverse American decline by reversing Biden's America last energy agenda, eliminating reliance on hostile nations for energy, and putting the economic interests of Americans before the radical left's ideological agenda.

DeSantis' energy plan

The Florida governor's announcement of his plan comes at a time when the cost of gasoline is at its highest since last year. According to the American Automobile Association, the national average price for regular gasoline is about $3.88 per gallon.

However, lowering the cost of fuel is only one objective of DeSantis's program should he reach the White House. The governor also plans to make a series of energy reforms to current policies that he believes have increased energy prices. Among the pillars of the plan are:

Restore American Energy Dominance; Save the American Automobile; Elevate Evidence Over Ideology; Reform Environmental Permitting and End Green Lawfare; Jump-Start Critical Mineral and Federal Land Development; Build the Most Efficient, Affordable, and Reliable Energy Grid in the World.