RFK Jr's campaign accused the Democratic National Committee of rigging the primary process

The Democratic candidate's campaign manager requested a meeting with the DNC chairman over the alleged lack of impartiality during the election process.

The campaign of Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of manipulating the primary process and demanded that transparency be guaranteed during the counting of votes in the Democratic primaries.

Kennedy's campaign manager Dennis J. Kucinich revealed in a statement that the DNC was asked to meet with Kennedy Jr. to discuss voting protection during the Democratic primary. This is due to concerns that the committee will not maintain its neutrality during the electoral process.

Kucinich noted that the way the DNC's proposed state primaries could exclude millions of Americans' votes and limit others.

"States at risk of such disenfranchisement include New Hampshire, where Biden came in last in 2020, receiving zero delegates; Iowa, where Biden came in 4th in 2020; and Georgia, one of the most diverse states in the country," the candidate's campaign said.

The statement also highlighted the creation of new party leaders and elected officials (PLEO), because they would be "superdelegates empowered to overturn the vote of the people and hand the nomination to the favored candidate of the party elites."

"Beyond these issues of voting equality, access, and integrity, Kennedy has also voiced concern about the DNC's refusal to host debates between the Democratic candidates, depriving voters of the ability to make an informed choice about the nation’s future," Kucinich explained.

The campaign team took the opportunity to recall that the committee's bylaws state that the chairman of the DNC must be impartial among the presidential candidates, the campaigns, and "particularly as they apply to the preparation and conduct of the presidential nomination process" and insisted on the importance of considering the meeting between the committee and the candidate, before September 12, 2023.