Republicans criticize the "two-tiered" justice system in America: a flexible one for Hunter Biden, a harsh one for Trump

"The corrupt Biden DOJ just cleared up hundreds of years of criminal liability by giving Hunter Biden a mere 'traffic ticket,'" Trump opined.

Former President Donald Trump and several Republican lawmakers criticized the plea deal reached by the president’s son, Hunter Biden, with Department of Justice (DOJ) prosecutors.

After a nearly 6-year investigation, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss announced that the president’s son will plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of failure to pay income tax and one count of unlawful purchase and possession of a gun.

This annoyed several Republicans who contrasted the justice system’s treatment of Hunter Biden with that of former President Trump, who was indicted last week on 37 federal charges for allegedly improperly withholding classified documents.

Donald Trump was among the first to criticize the justice system, calling it “corrupt.”

“It is a disgrace to the system, it is a disgrace to America, it is a very unfair situation, it is prosecutorial misconduct, and it is election interference — all wrapped up into one,” expressed Trump, highlighting that in his opinion the Hunter Biden plea agreement is equivalent to a “traffic ticket.”

The former president also posted several comments on his social network. “Wow! The corrupt Biden DOJ just cleared up hundreds of years of criminal liability by giving Hunter Biden a mere ‘traffic ticket.’ Our system is BROKEN!” he wrote.

More criticism of the justice system

Kentucky Republican Rep. James Comer also found the justice system’s decision too soft, especially as mounting evidence has emerged that Hunter and his father are involved in a pattern “of corruption, influence peddling and possibly bribery.” “Hunter Biden is getting off with “a slap on the wrist,” he said.

“It’s never been more clear that we have a two-tiered system of justice when you have the son of the sitting President of the United States selling our country out to the highest bidder, laundering money, committing tax fraud, accepting bribes, illegally obtaining a firearm, and shamefully avoiding child support,” expressed the president of the House Republican Conference, Elise Stefanik.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also questioned the politicization of the Justice Department.

“If you are the president’s leading political opponent, the DOJ literally tries to literally put you in jail, give you prison time. If you are the president’s son, you get a sweetheart deal,” he said.

Via Twitter, Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn opined that it was no coincidence that the president’s son was given a sweetheart deal shortly after the DOJ indicted Trump.

“This plea deal only raises further questions about Hunter Biden’s crimes and the double standard of justice in our federal government. There is clearly a lot more the Biden family has to answer for,” said former Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.

“As President Trump predicted, Biden’s Justice Department is cutting a sweetheart deal with Hunter Biden in order to make their bogus case to ‘get Trump’ appear fair. Meanwhile, Biden’s DOJ continues to turn a blind eye to the Biden family’s extensive corruption and bribery scheme,” said spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc, Karoline Leavitt.

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