Nicaragua: Daniel Ortega's regime arrests Bishop Rolando Álvarez one day after releasing him from jail

The Sandinista dictator argues that the bishop refuses to be "exiled" to Rome and therefore has sent him back to prison.

A day after Bishop Rolando Álvarez was released, the Daniel Ortega regime has imprisoned him once again for refusing to be "exiled" to Rome, a source close to the case told CNN. On Wednesday, he was transferred from La Modelo prison, located on the outskirts of Managua, to an Episcopal Conference building. The transfer made under police custody.

On Aug. 19, Sandinista security forces arrested Rolando Alvarez after he claimed that Ortega's regime was carrying out a persecution against the Catholic Church. In February, the bishop was sentenced to 26 years in prison for treason.

To date, Álvarez has not been the only religious official arrested. In February, the Sandinista regime arrested and imprisoned three priests and a deacon, as well as two seminarians and a layman.

These acts are not the only ones that reflect Ortega's anti-Catholic persecution. In less than a year, the Nicaraguan dictator has banned processions, suspended institutional relations with the Vatican and frozen the bank accounts of the Catholic Church after accusing it of money laundering.