Mother regrets pushing gender transition on her 4-year-old son

"I feel like I am leaving a cult," the woman said after realizing she had made a grievous mistake in the way she was raising her little boy.

A mother who considered herself a "true believer" in the transgender ideology admitted that she deeply regrets allowing her son, only four years old, to socially transition into a girl.

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous during her appearance on the Triggernometry podcast, explained that she raised her two children as "gender neutral" because she felt it was best.

When her eldest son, who was four years old at the time, asked her if he was a boy or a girl, she told him he could choose, which led her little boy to declare that his gender was female, and ask that he be treated as such.

Faced with the little boy's decision, the mother chose to begin the social transition for the little boy by changing his name and allowing him to wear girl's clothes, among other things that made the little boy believe that he was really a girl for a whole year.

"I was leading my innocent, sensitive child down a path of lies that were a direct on-ramp to psychological damage and life-long irreversible medical intervention. All in the name of love, acceptance, and liberation," she said.

Then, the woman's youngest son at only three years old also decided to identify as a girl and it was then that she began to question whether the way she was raising her children was right.

After much research, the woman decided to leave what she now considers a "cult" that made her allow her son to believe she was a girl "in the name of social justice."

"Now I sort through the rubble, and I seek to slowly and carefully rebuild. Rebuild my values, my view of reality, my belief system, my relationship to myself, to my children, and my understanding of the world. Whatever may emerge, the protection of my children will be the compass for every step on the road ahead," wrote the woman in an article entitled "True Believer."