Most countries have a favorable opinion of the United States

Poland and Israel are the nations where the United States is most highly regarded. Mexicans also judged their northern neighbor favorably.

The United States has made a good impression on the rest of the world. A recent Pew Research Center survey of 23 countries found that 59% of foreigners have a favorable opinion of America, while 30% have a negative opinion.

Poland is the country where the United States is seen in the best light. Poles' opinion of the U.S. has improved markedly since the start of the Ukrainian war, while their opinion of Russia plummeted to historic lows.

Israel also stands out in this regard. Some 87% of Israelis said they had a favorable opinion of the United States, the highest figure for the country since the Pew Research Center (PRC) has conducted this survey.

Hungary is the only country where there is a majority negative opinion about the United States. While 51% of Hungarians said the viewed the U.S. negatively, 44% said they saw the country in a positive light.

The European nation scores another exception: its right-wing citizens are less likely to have a positive opinion of the United States than those on the left. The general trend noted by study is the other way around. In most of the 17 countries that were considered, those who claim to be more right-wing tend to view the U.S. more positively than their left-wing peers.

In regards to the country's role on the international stage, an average of 61% believe that the United States contributes to world peace and stability.

Europe proves to be a region of contrasts. It occupies both the most critical position in this respect, Hungary with 63%, and the least, Poland with 9%.

To find the second most critical country in this regard in the ranking, one must simply cross the ocean and look south: 59% of Argentines believe that the United States does not work to maintain world peace and stability.

Poland tops the list in terms of belief in U.S. contribution to world peace, with 85% of respondents seeing the U.S. as a force for good on the international stage. It is followed by Japan with 79%, Kenya with 78% and Nigeria with 77%.


The U.S.'s southern neighbor hesitates when asked if the United States has its interests at heart: 51% say yes, and 48% say no. The results were the same when asked about America's contribution to peace and stability: 50%, yes, 48%, no.

However, a large majority of Mexicans hold a favorable opinion of America. Sixty percent responded that they view the U.S. positively, while 30% said they had a negative opinion of the United States.