Mexican singer Thalía diagnosed with dysgeusia

The artist explained that she began to suffer from the disorder after having COVID-19.

Mexican singer Thalía reported on social media that she was diagnosed with dysgeusia. She posted several videos talking about the disorder and explained that she began to suffer from it after having COVID-19.

"It was just confirmed that I have dysgeusia. It is a taste alteration with a constant taste of salt and metal all day. ... I can't stop feeling it," she said in one of his latest videos published on TikTok. She detailed that she has had the condition for some time, but she thought it would only last for a few days.

However, she explained, the disorder can last months or years.

@thalia Dysgeusia 🤯 Anyone have it? Can you tell me your experiences? ♬ original sound - Thalia


@thalia Replying to @💖 Grace 🇲🇽💖 I love answering and reading them, and listening to a lot of advice about this that afflicts many of us about # #dysgeusia ♬ original sound - Thalia

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, "dysgeusia is a disorder in which there is a persistent bad taste in the mouth. This taste can be salty, rancid or metallic. Dysgeusia is sometimes accompanied by burning mouth syndrome, which is characterized by a sensation of pain and burning in the mouth."

If the cause is a disease, the doctor will treat it or refer you to another doctor who can. Often, treating the medical problem will eliminate the taste disorder. For example, if you have lost your sense of taste due to respiratory infections or allergies, you should regain your taste when these problems are resolved.