Liz Cheney is the last of 'The Impeachment 10' to go to primaries

Polls reflect a lead for Donald Trump's candidate of more than 20 points.

It is time for Liz Cheney, a leading opponent of Donald Trump, to take on Wyoming's primary. Cheney is the last of the Impeachment Ten to test his popularity at the polls.

Nine congressmen who voted for Trump's impeachment have run in the primaries so far. Only two have survived: one of them by 140 votes, and the other is the only one to whom Trump has not sent an alternative candidate. Polls show a lead for Trump-backed candidate Harriet Hageman of more than 20 points.

The Bush clan

Cheney is headed for defeat, but it is not due to lack of support inside and outside the Republican Party. She is supported inside by the Bush clan. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Cheney has secured $1 million in funding for her Wyoming campaign from Texas alone. Texan donors include former President George W. Bush, Republican strategist Karl Rove and former Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans.

Recently, Dick Cheney launched an ad against Donald Trump. In the ad, the former vice president dedicates the harshest of words to him: "In our nation's 246-year history there has never been an individual who is a greater threat to our Republic than Donald Trump."

Another endorsement within the Republican Party has come from Adam Kinzinger. The former congressman decided not to run for reelection to renew his seat for Illinois' 16th District in the House of Representatives. But that does not mean he has retired from politics. He has created a new anti-MAGA platform: Keep Country First Policy Action. On CNN, Kinzinger stated that Cheney is "standing up against evil," in reference to Donald Trump.

Democratic support

The Democratic Party also understands this to be the case. Democrats are supporting Liz Cheney. The congresswoman has called on Democrats to register as Republicans to vote for her, and for the party to have a critical voice of Trump in the House. As The New York Times reports, Cheney barely interacts with his fellow party members, and routinely speaks with Democrats in Congress.