Linda Yaccarino lands at Twitter: How the social network will look during her tenure

The new CEO sent an email to her employees assuring that Twitter must become the "world’s most accurate real-time information source."

Linda Yaccarino formally landed at Twitter. The former NBCUniversal advertising executive took up her position as the new CEO of the Elon Musk-owned social network last week, but it wasn't until Monday that she began making decisions. The first was to send an email to her workers and post a thread on the platform informing them of what the company will be like during her tenure:

As Yaccarino recounted, her decision to join the social network was motivated by her deep admiration for Musk: "Elon knew space exploration and electric vehicles needed transformation, so he did it."

Musk's mission then expanded to include the media. That's where, the board explains, Twitter came into play: "It’s also becoming clear that the global town square needs transformation—to drive civilization forward through the unfiltered exchange of information and open dialogue about the things that matter most to us."

Turning Twitter into a haven for freedom of expression

Linda Yaccarino will focus her work on making Twitter a haven for free speech. The goal is clear: for the social network to become the "world’s most accurate real-time information source and a global town square for communication."

These changes have not yet defined, but the goal the CEO intends to achieve with them is clearer than ever: according to Yaccarino, Twitter has the capacity to create something that "can change the history of the world," although to do so it is necessary to "think big, transform and do it all together." She intends to accomplish this task by recovering lost shareholders while Musk will move on to designing new products and new technologies that will improve the platform.