Judicial Watch accuses Biden of mistreating his dog Commander

The two-year-old German shepherd was kicked out of the White House on Thursday. The administration has not disclosed where the dog was sent.

Joe Biden's two-year-old German shepherd, Commander, made headlines again Thursday when the White House announced that the dog was no longer on the grounds of the presidential residence. Now, the dog, whose current fate is unknown, is back in the news after the organization Judicial Watch presented a lawsuit against the United States Department of Homeland Security demanding that he hand over the records on "incidents of aggression and bites involving President Joe Biden's Dog, Commander."

It did so by filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit as the Secret Service did not respond to a request dated July 31, 2023, for "all records involving the Biden family dog, ‘Commander,’ including but not limited to communications sent to and from [Secret Service] officials in the Uniformed and Non-Uniformed Divisions involved in White House operations and the Presidential Protection Division," per a press release.

Commander mistreated by Biden?

It was Judicial Watch, in fact, that first revealed Commander's attacks on members of the Secret Service and other members of the White House staff in July of this year. Since then, these incidents have not stopped. For this reason, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said he did not understand why nothing had been done to control the German shepherd:

It is beyond belief that, even after Judicial Watch exposed their attacking 10 Secret Service personnel, Joe and Jill Biden have continued to let their dog menace and attack Secret Service and White House staff. Let’s be blunt: the dangerous dog could kill someone. The ongoing Biden administration cover-up of the Biden dog attacks on Secret Service agents is dangerous corruption.

However, Commander's behavior may be a result of abuse. Sources close to Judicial Watch published a video in which President Biden is seen mistreating his German shepherd, even punching and kicking him: