Jonathan Li, the Chinese businessman who transferred $250,000 to Hunter, met with Joe Biden in 2013

The president also wrote letters of recommendation for the children of the CEO of BHR Partners.

There are several worrying facts about Jonathan Li, the CEO of BHR Partners who transferred $250,000 to Hunter Biden in the summer of 2019, and President Joe Biden.

In early October 2019, NBC News reporter Josh Lederman published an article detailing an official trip to China by then-Vice President Biden accompanied by his son, Hunter.

In that article, Lederman reported that he was one of four reporters who traveled aboard Air Force Two with Biden and his son to China.

The situation did not attract attention, since Hunter and some family members used to travel abroad with the vice president during his official trips, but there was a peculiarity: at that time, Hunter was looking for money to open a capital fund with Chinese businessmen and was in Beijing to meet with his future great partner, Jonathan Li.

“What wasn't known then was that as he accompanied his father to China, Hunter Biden was forming a Chinese private equity fund that associates said at the time was planning to raise big money, including from China. Hunter Biden has acknowledged meeting with Jonathan Li, a Chinese banker and his partner in the fund during the trip, although his spokesman says it was a social visit,” Lederman wrote. “The Chinese business license that brought the new fund into existence was issued by Shanghai authorities 10 days after the trip, with Hunter Biden a member of the board.”

However, this Tuesday, the House Oversight Committee announced a new connection: during that official trip in 2013, Joe Biden had a meeting with Jonathan Li, organized by Hunter himself, according to Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden who said the now-president and Li developed a family relationship over the years.

As revealed by the House Oversight Committee, Biden, in addition to holding calls and having meetings with Li, also wrote letters of recommendation for the children of Hunter Biden's Chinese partner.

This fact, although it had already been reported previously, now takes on greater relevance due to the president's new and potential ties with this businessman.

The controversial address of the transactions

According to what was revealed by the Supervisory Committee, Hunter Biden received up to $260,000 in two transactions from China in the summer of 2019, shortly after his father announced his presidential candidacy and one of his spokespersons, George Mesires, told NBC News that Hunter was unpaid for his work at BHR Partners.

In addition to this, the controversy is even greater because Hunter Biden put his father's house in Delaware as the address of the beneficiary of the transfer.

At the time, Hunter Biden was not living with his father, but in California, according to the failed plea agreement between the Justice Department and the president's own son in the illicit firearms purchase case.