Javier Milei confirms his presence at CPAC: His speech will focus on "fighting socialism and corruption"

The president of Argentina will attend with Patricia Bullrich, his Minister of Security, and joins a list of international speakers at the event that includes Nayib Bukele and Liz Truss, among others.

Javier Milei confirmed his presence at the Conservative Action Political Conference, better known as CPAC. The president of Argentina will arrive in Maryland soon, and his presence at the event has raised expectations in the international community, given that he could personally meet Nayib Bukele or Donald Trump.

The event, organized by the American Conservative Union (ACU), is a tradition that dates back several decades. This edition will take place at the Gaylord Resort and Conference Center in National Harbor between February 21 and 24.

Dozens of personalities related to the Republican Party will take the stage to anticipate an election year that they hope will be fundamental for the GOP, given that they aspire to recover both the White House and the Senate. Some of the confirmed speakers for this year are Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, Ben Carson, and bishop Joseph Strickland, as well as other activists, legislators, and candidates.

Milei will attend the event with his Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, who recently expressed her support for El Salvador's policies in fighting insecurity.

According to a statement, the Argentine president's speech will focus on "fighting socialism and corruption in his nation. He will deliver a strong message to the Hispanic community within the United States to protect their freedoms and families in America."

The organization celebrated the announcement, given that it is another renowned international visitor who also happens to be a head of state. "We are immensely gratified that President Javier Milei of Argentina will address the activists at CPAC. Mercy and I had the honor of meeting President Milei at CPAC Mexico as he was beginning his historic campaign, and we believe he has captured the spirit of those who see the treachery of globalist elites. American patriots are rooting for him to succeed, and we also like the chainsaw," said Matt Schlapp, President of CPAC.

Milei and Bullrich join the list of international speakers, which also includes Nayib Bukele, Nigel Farage, Liz Truss, Eduardo Verástegui and Andrew Cooper, among others.

A few days before CPAC, Milei met with Marco Rubio in Buenos Aires

The Argentine president received the Florida senator at the Casa Rosada, where they amicably greeted each other in the presence of Ambassador Marc Stanley. Milei even signed a mug for Rubio that had one of his most famous phrases printed on it, "There is no money."

Rubio, vice president of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, spoke with the libertarian about the relationship between Argentina and the United States, as well as Argentina's economic agenda under the new government. The senator also took the opportunity to meet with Chancellor Diana Mondino, who recently participated in the Munich Security Conference.

"Rubio's trip to Argentina, an important ally for both our nation and the democratic future of our region, comes at a time when The Biden Administration does not prioritize the region and turns its back on its allies, "Rubio's office said in a statement.