Is Amazon boycotting Tucker Carlson's biography?

All Seasons Press, the publisher of the former FOX host's book, claims the tech giant didn't correctly report sales

All Seasons Press, the publisher of Tucker Carlson's biography, accused Amazon of sabotaging sales of Tucker's book, which is based on more than 1,000 hours of interviews with Carlson. The company issued a statement after it was revealed that the book, written by gay conservative Chadwick Moore, sold only 3,000 copies in its first week.

In the statement, All Seasons Press said "craven forces" are trying to silence the former Fox News host. The strategy involves reporting sales figures that are much lower than the 66,750 books it sent to retailers.

The publisher stressed that it is an attack by the left that aims to diminish Carlson's stature and make it look like the book is a flop. "For the first week Tucker was on sale, BookScan only reported 3,227 copies sold, placing it 40th on its bestseller list. This is because it appears that Amazon did not report its complete week one sales to BookScan. If it had, it would have likely placed between 5th and 7th," the company said.

"All Seasons Press has already ordered a second printing"

"When the pre-sale was announced, the book reached #14 among All Books on Amazon and #1 in numerous categories. On launch day, the book was listed as "SOLD OUT" on Amazon within minutes."

The publisher questioned the speed with which the book was pulled from Amazon. It also announced that it has hired a lawyer and intends to investigate BookScan's ranking practices. It did not rule out taking other legal action.

Amazon also asked pre-order customers if they wanted to cancel their orders and allegedly made them log onto a desktop computer to “proactively confirm they still wanted the book or face automatic cancellation," according to The Post Millenial.

Finally, All Seasons Press claimed that, despite the situation, the book has been a success. "In fact, in spite of what seems to be a concerted effort by Carlson's detractors to prevent the success of Tucker, demand has been so strong that All Seasons Press has already ordered a second printing," the company said.