Hunter Biden "happy" to do business with Chinese Communist Party

President Joe Biden's son reportedly introduced his associates to a senior Chinese official to discuss "fundraising."

Fox News reveals a new series of emails about the plot linking Hunter Biden to China. In the texts, the president's son claims he would be "happy" to introduce his business partners to a senior Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official to discuss potential investments.

The story told by Fox Network notes that this all comes after the Chinese official allegedly sat at the same table as Hunter during a 2013 dinner in Beijing to host his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Involved in the plot

James Bulger, nephew of Whitey Bulger - former Irish mob boss in Boston - was president of Thornton Group LLC, a consulting firm that had done business with a now-defunct Hunter company. Thornton Group was a shareholder of the investment firm BHR Partners, a company backed by institutions such as the Bank of China.

Bulger asked Hunter in an email on July 22, 2014 that he introduce his business partners to Tung Chee-hwa, a billionaire who was vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CCPPC), an organization that is under the leadership of the PPC and was "the key mechanism for multiparty cooperation and political consultation."

A report official revealed that the CPPCC is working to "neutralize sources of opposition to the policies and authority of the ruling CCP." According to The Diplomat, the CPPCC is "designed to serve as a liaison with non-Communist party members, and ultimately put them to work with the CPC to promote their interests."

E-mail content

In the e-mail from 2014, Bulger asked Hunter to introduce the CEO, Jonathan Li, and a BHR committee member to Tung Chee-hwa to talk about the "BHR investment objectives" and "fundraising" claiming that Hunter sat next to Tung at a 2013 dinner. in which then Vice President Joe Biden was being hosted in Beijing.

Please let me know if you can introduce these two to Sr. Tung by e-mail, is very important to our BHR initiative at this time.

Hunter responded that he was "happy" to comply with the request, but said he could not recall the names of the gentlemen who sat next to him at the dinner.

I am happy to do so, but I do not have the email address of Mr. Tung. It is quite possible that he sat next to me, but I do not remember the names of the two gentlemen to my left and right. In any case, I suggest that the team draft an email in Mandarin and English for your approval as soon as possible.

Bulger responded that same day, "Let me get in touch with Li and he will get back to you as soon as possible."

Questions from Fox News to the attorneys of those involved were not answered, so it is unclear whether the introduction took place.

Dinner in Beijing

The "welcome dinner" hosted in Beijing by the Chinese president that Bulger referred to in his initial e-mail took place during the evening of Dec. 4, 2013, on one of Joe Biden's trips to discuss strengthening U.S.-China relations.

A press release from the Chinese embassy confirms that Tung - of the CPPCC - also attended the dinner, where Hunter was present with his father.

Fox News contacted the White House on multiple occasions to request the number of seats at Hunter's table during the Peking dinner, but they did not respond.