Hunter Biden charged with illegal possession of a gun

He is being accused of lying about his drug addiction on the license form.

Hunter Biden has been indicted on three counts related to the illegal purchase of a gun in 2018. According to the federal indictment filed by prosecutors on Thursday in a Delaware district court, he allegedly lied on the federal license form.

Court documents explained that the president's son failed to disclose that he was using drugs at the time he purchased the gun, resulting in two separate charges, as well as unlawful possession of a firearm while addicted to a controlled substance. Two of the charges carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the third carries a maximum sentence of five years, according to NBC.

Hunter Biden Indictment by Williams Perdomo on Scribd

In early September, special counsel David Weiss announced he intended to file felony charges against Hunter Biden for possession of a weapon while using drugs. Weiss also mentioned possibly filing charges against Hunter Biden for another tax evasion case. The accusation against the president's son came after a plea deal fell through.

In addition, the accusation comes after the speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, announced that Republicans were opening an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden. McCarthy said that the decision was made because, in recent months, they received very serious accusations about the president's conduct, which he described as a "culture of corruption." Precisely, Hunter Biden is also involved in the Burisma case. His father is being accused of receiving bribes from foreign sources in exchange for political favors when he was vice president.