Hispanic Republicans are Trump’s strongest supporters

The most recent polls show Donald Trump widely leading in the Republican primaries. An inter-university study shows that the Hispanic population is the protagonist of this leadership.

If Donald Trump becomes the Republican nominee, he will have to to thank the Hispanic community. "We found that Trump has a 45-point advantage over DeSantis among Hispanic Republicans," Matthew A. Baum, a professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, and Jonathan Schulman, a doctoral candidate at Northwestern University, wrote in a recent analysis.

What's more:

Hispanic Republicans are more likely to support him than any other racial and ethnic group we investigated.

This conclusion results from a study conducted by a multi-university team, which consulted more than 7,000 Republicans and independents who lean Republican.

Baum and Schulman reaffirmed the result indicated by the latest polls: Trump leads DeSantis by 40 points. When considering only Hispanic voters, the margin widens by five points: 54% said they supported the former president, compared to 9% who opted for DeSantis.

The white population is the second largest group favoring Trump, with 52%. DeSantis rises to 12%. It is then followed by African Americans, 48% vs. 8%, and Asian Americans, 43% vs. 9%.

Trumpist profile

Young, less wealthy or academically educated and very conservative are the best descriptors of Trump supporters, according to the poll.

For example, Trump leads DeSantis by 51 points among those who consider themselves to live in a "very rural" area. His support reaches 55 points among those without a university degree. However:

Our findings represent a picture of overwhelming domination by Trump across virtually all facets of the Republican Party.

That "overwhelming domination" would only be threatened by the candidate's court cases. When asked about the classified documents case, "moderate Republicans" distance themselves from Trump.