Voz Media's gala was a great success

Hispanics need a media outlet that lives up to them and fiercely defends conservative values.

The Voz Media gala took place this Wednesday in Dallas, Texas. Both the president-founder and CEO, Orlando Salazar, and the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Pablo Kleinman, stressed in their speeches what this means to the Hispanic community, which is growing in number and influence, not only to have a media outlet of reference at its level, but one that unabashedly defends conservative values and fiercely defends everything that has made the United States of America great.

Orlando Salazar
Orlando Salazar, president-founder and CEO of Voz Media.
Pablo Kleinman
Pablo Kleinman, Chief Operating Officer, Voz Media.

The ceremony, held at Mercury Studios, was attended by numerous people from the world of communication, politics and business. They are enthusiastic about this project coming together as they feel that an outlet like this is increasingly necessary. Celebrity anchor Karina Yapor will play an important role as executive producer and will be in charge of one of the star programs of Voz Media TV.

Karina Yapor
Karina Yapor, executive producer of Voz Media.

Salazar, Kleinman and Yapor are panelists at CPAC Mexico which kicks off this Friday (sponsored by Voice Media). Key figures from the global conservative scene taking part include Senator Ted Cruz, the Argentinean presidential candidate Javier Milei as well as Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Poland Lech Walesa, a hero in the fight against communism.